Lake water is spilling out of sewers and onto Eastern Avenue

A section of Eastern Avenue is flooded with lake water today as Toronto's sewer system struggles to handle record-high water levels.

City says low-lying sewers can discharge lake water on wavy days

Water from Lake Ontario has spilled out of the sewers onto Eastern Avenue. (Shannon Johnson)

A portion of Eastern Avenue is flooded this afternoon from lake water coming out of the sewer system.

The City of Toronto says low-lying sewers like the ones in that part of the city are struggling to contain Lake Ontario's record high water levels.

With the water much higher than usual, a small number of the city's catch basins are now below the lake's surface level, forcing the water upwards in some cases.

"On some days, such as when there is significant wave action, these low lying sewers will surcharge some Lake water before dissipating," wrote Ellen Leesti, a spokesperson for the city.