John Tory wants full review of Section 37 contributions

A report on Section 37 contributions has prompted Mayor John Tory to call for a review of the practice.

CBC News investigation prompts questions into developer donations to councillors

Mayor John Tory reponds to a question about Section 37 agreements. 1:16

A report on Section 37 contributions has prompted Toronto Mayor John Tory to call for a review of the practice. 

Section 37 benefits are donated by developers when new construction is approved, often money to be used at the local councillor's discretion for neighbourhood upgrades. Only, as CBC's John Lancaster and Sarah Bridge discovered, there is little oversight of what happens to the money.

In one case in Mimico, $250,000 promised by a developer was reduced by $100,000 according to the community.

"I think we need much more transparency and I think we need to have a good, hard look at the Section 37 regime," said Tory after a speech on Thursday.

Tory added he thinks some of the money should go to public housing repairs and new builds.

This is not the first time Tory has questioned the Section 37. Tory said in the municipal election he wanted transparency and accountability around the deals councillors make with developers for their wards in exchange for the right to build taller buildings.


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