John Tory code of conduct targets Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto mayoral candidate John Tory launches a code of conduct in a campaign announcement directed at the behaviour of Mayor Rob Ford.

Mayoral candidate vows not to maintain 'enemies list'

John Tory's code of conduct

9 years ago
Duration 4:07
John Tory announced a code of conduct he plans to adhere to.

Toronto Mayoral candidate John Tory has framed an attack at Mayor Rob Ford in the form of a 10-point personal "code of conduct" he vows to adopt if elected.

“Four years ago, Torontonians did not know they were electing a mayor who would hang out with criminals and drug dealers, the very people he should be trying to get off our streets,” said Tory in a reference to some of the scandal that has surrounded Ford's office over the past year.

"In a way it is unfortunate that I even need to do this. But, Mr. Ford’s behaviour and his actions are not only disrespectful, but disgraceful. We need a mayor who will bring us all back together so that we can get things done, not embarrass us in front of the entire world.”

Toronto mayoral candidate John Tory is set to release his transit plan on Tuesday. (David Donnelly/CBC)

The conduct code, which you can read here, lists off rules requiring future mayors to abide by the law, "show up for work each day," treat city staff with professionalism, make public a weekly schedule and not maintain an "enemies list."

Asked if Tory felt that establishing a code of conduct was necessary, he said the public needed to know "the bar is going to be reset, the standard is going to be reset."

Tory, along with the incumbent Ford, former MP Olivia Chow, former councillor David Soknacki, Coun. Karen Stintz, are all seeking the mayor's office is the Oct. 27 municipal vote.

In total, more than 40 people have filed papers to run for mayor this fall.


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