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John Lancaster is a senior reporter with CBC News focusing on investigative and enterprise journalism. His stories have taken him across Canada, the US and the Caribbean. His reports have appeared on CBC Toronto, The National, CBC's Marketplace, The Fifth Estate-and of course CBC online and radio. Drop him a line anytime at

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Blind man files $1.25M suit against realtor who allegedly 'tricked' him into selling home

Harold Verge, 73, and his wife Florence filed a $1.25-million lawsuit Wednesday against GTA real estate agent Vince Iannello and Royal LePage Your Community Realty brokerage. Verge alleges Iannello tricked him into selling his home, but the realtor "vehemently" denies it.
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GTA realtor 'tricked' him and his wife into selling home, blind man says

A man with a disability says a realtor from a Royal LePage brokerage “tricked” him and his wife into selling their east-end Toronto home, and cost them tens of thousands of dollars in the process.
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'No one knows what's happening': Thornhill condo owners in the dark as board members resign

Residents at a Thornhill, Ont., condominium complex say they have no idea who's controlling its board and $4-million operating budget — turns out, it might be nobody now that the condo board has lost quorum.
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Video of collision shows parked vehicle 'had a mind of its own,' Toronto Jeep owner says

A husband and wife from Toronto say the manufacturer should compensate them for damage after their Jeep Cherokee, which was parked with nobody behind the wheel, suddenly lurched into another parked vehicle. But Fiat Chrysler suggests the owners are to blame.
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Thornhill condo owners move to turf board amid $1.3M in assessments, rising fees

Facing rapidly rising fees and special assessments costing them more than $1 million, dozens of condo owners at a complex in Thornhill, Ont., say they're taking steps to kick out their condo board, and a CBC News investigation shows they may have good reason to be frustrated.
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Lawyers demand police hand over evidence of more alleged crimes by Elizabeth Wettlaufer

Lawyers representing Ontario nursing home patients are demanding police hand over everything they know about two more crimes serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer allegedly committed. The former nurse is serving a life sentence for murdering eight patients in her care, and trying to harm or kill six others.

Hotel housing hundreds of homeless and refugees sold to developer

A Toronto hotel currently housing some 500 homeless people and asylum seekers is being sold to a private developer, CBC Toronto has learned. The potential sale from the current owners, Virk Hospitality, to the Sunray Group for $20.5 million, is set to close later this month.

City's own figures show 'public safety is at risk' due to paramedic shortage, union warns

A shortage of paramedics and ambulances is likely compromising public safety, according to statistics obtained by the union representing Toronto's frontline paramedics and shared with CBC News.

Elizabeth Wettlaufer confession to smothering a patient kept secret during inquiry

Ontario prosecutors knew serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer had committed a second additional crime against a patient in her care, but kept it secret from the public and a multimillion-dollar public inquiry looking into why the former nurse’s crimes against patients went undetected for so long.

Public inquiry knew serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer confessed to more crimes

The lead lawyer for the public inquiry into how former nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer’s attacks on patients went undetected for so long now concedes the inquiry has known for a year that the serial killer confessed to more crimes.

Elizabeth Wettlaufer confessed to attacking a 15th patient. The public was never told

CBC News has learned new details about a London Police Service investigation into an additional attack by serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer through documents filed in court.

Canadians could now be charged with drunk driving — even if not drunk, lawyers warn

Under a tough new drunk driving law passed by Parliament, Canadians could now face criminal charges for driving with illegal amounts of alcohol in their system, even if they were stone cold sober while behind the wheel, according to criminal defence lawyers.

A year later, police still struggling to solve deaths of Honey and Barry Sherman

Almost a year after billionaire couple Honey and Barry Sherman were found dead in their Toronto mansion, police are still struggling to solve the mystery.

Did nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer kill a 9th person? Court order raises questions

The family of a London, Ont., woman has won a court order compelling police to hand over details about the criminal investigation into the death of their mother at a care home where serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer was working, CBC News has learned.

'Cash envelopes' were 'funnelled' to Toronto councillor's election campaigns, OPP allege witnesses said

Police investigating Justin Di Ciano and his council colleague Mark Grimes set forth some eye-popping, but largely uncorroborated, allegations in their bid to search a high-profile Toronto polling firm for evidence, court records show.