'It never should've happened:' Family of TTC worker fatally injured on the job speaks out

The family of a TTC worker who has died after being injured on the job wants anyone who works in "risky jobs" to always put safety first.

Tom Dedes died in hospital after being pinned between 2 TTC vehicles

The family of TTC worker Tom Dedes, who died after an accident on the job, wants workers and employers to always put safety first. (Guillaume Cottin/CBC)

The family of a TTC worker who died after being injured on the job wants anyone who works in "risky jobs" to always put safety first.

Tom Dedes, 50, was injured Oct. 1 when he was pinned between two vehicles at the TTC's McCowan yard. His family pulled the plug on his life support on Monday after an emotionally fraught nine days.

"We had to sit there for 45 minutes and watch him die," Dedes' sister-in-law Joanne Dedes told CBC Toronto. 

The official autopsy report could take a few weeks, according to the family. But TTC CEO Andy Byford says Dedes died after developing an infection that spread rapidly. 

He was injured while unloading equipment from a pickup truck with coworkers when he was caught against the pickup by the tail swing of a workcar, the transit agency says.

Dedes spent 18 years working at the TTC. His family says Byford visited them at home and expressed his condolences in person. 

Tom Dedes's family shares pictures of the TTC worker. They remember him as 'always smiling.' (Guillaume Cottin/CBC)

"I'm sure that was difficult for him to do and that meant a lot," Joanne Dedes said in an interview.  

Mayor John Tory also expressed his condolences in a separate statement. 

"The city will make sure we understand what happened and will take whatever steps we can to make sure a tragedy like this never happens again," Tory said.

Ministry of Labour investigating 

Investigations by the Ontario Ministry of Labour and the TTC are ongoing, and the transit agency says it is fully cooperating with the ministry to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. 

"We will leave no stone unturned in making sure that we understand what happened here and taking action to prevent a recurrence," Byford said. 

Dedes's brother, George, says it's important to the family that this never happens again. 

"It never should've happened," he said. "I don't want to hear anybody else getting hurt like that. It's too hard."

Tory will attend a visition for Tom Dedes on Friday evening. Byford is expected to attend the funeral, scheduled for Saturday.