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Ieva Lucs is a web and radio reporter for CBC Toronto. She is drawn to offbeat and untold stories. Email:

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Wireless repair shop seemingly goes under overnight, leaves this man with no cellphone

One Toronto man is looking for answers - and his cellphone - after several Fixt Wireless repair stores seemingly went out of business overnight.

How a Toronto company is making self-driving technology a reality on our roads

X-Matik creates kits, called LaneCruise, that can turn any car made in the last 20 years into a semi-automated vehicle. 

Toronto's photo radar cameras having trouble reading new Ontario licence plates

A city spokesperson said they could not provide a “conclusive evaluation” because the photo radar cameras have only seen a small number of the new plates, but so far the smaller font size of the jurisdiction name has some “visibility challenges,” especially at night.

How to give an environmentally friendly afterlife to your Valentine's Day bouquet

A Valentine’s Day bouquet can be a very costly choice when it comes to the environment, says Kalynn Crump, founder of ReBLOOM. Her company will pick up flowers, deliver them to a local women’s shelter, hospice or seniors’ home, then compost them later.

'They've gone and the pain remains': Life one month after the Iran plane crash

It’s been one month since Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 was shot out of the sky over Iran along with 176 passengers and crew. But the passing of time brings no relief to Shahin Moghaddam who lost his wife of 14 years, Shakiba Feghahati, and their 10-year-old son Rosstin Moghaddam.

'I cherished her': Owner grieving after possible dog poisoning in east end park

Toronto police are warning dog owners in the east end about a potentially harmful substance that may have been left in a park, poisoning several dogs. Robert Poizner believes his dog Honey may have been a victim.

Want courtside seats to see Raptors in NBA Finals? It'll cost you $120K

The Raptors could make franchise history with a Game 5 win against the Golden State Warriors in Toronto on Monday. But if you want to be one of the lucky ones witnessing the moment inside the Scotiabank Arena, you will have to shell out thousands of dollars to do it.

Farmers, grocers fear the worst as province launches review of Ontario Food Terminal

These days, the normally cheerful community within the Ontario Food Terminal is clouded by an air of uncertainty, because the facility is currently under review by the Ford government.

'It goes way overboard': Ford calls OPP on protesters who brought guillotine to Queen's Park

The OPP has been informed about a group of protesters who brought a fake guillotine to Queen’s Park on Wednesday, the premier's office said.

What Toronto can learn from Alberta when it comes to rats

Alberta has held the title of being pretty much rat-free since the 1950s because of an aggressive program, but Toronto's mayor is unsure that's the best way to spend city money to get rid of an increasing rat problem.

'Torontonians will die': City calls on province to end public health cuts amid debate over financial impact

Dr. Eileen de Villa says changes to the cost-sharing between the city and province have left her at a loss for words.

Alberta group stranded in Toronto without luggage due to Boeing 737 Max 8 groundings

Six Albertans who've been working in Ethiopia say they’re frustrated after being stranded in chilly Toronto for three days without winter clothes. They're waiting for a flight home due to a backlog caused by the worldwide grounding of all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes.

How Prince the pup was rescued with a lot of help from strangers on social media

Katie Pirie had left her dog Prince outside a store on Monday when he was stolen. Social media helped her track down the Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix all across Toronto.

This family was taken in by 'angel' flight attendant — 35 years later, they want to thank her

Catherine Pan believes one of the reasons she’s alive is because of the flight attendant who helped her mother after she mistakenly stepped off the plane in the wrong city: Toronto.

Toronto's vehicle-for-hire bylaw under review in wake of 'astronomical' growth of Uber, Lyft

Over the next two weeks, Toronto is holding a number of public consultations aimed at reviewing regulations around vehicle-for-hire services including private transportation companies like Uber and Lyft.