'I'm so glad I'm alive': Chunk of ice tears through roof of Mississauga home

A Mississauga woman woke to a chilling surprise Wednesday morning as a chunk of ice blew through the roof just metres away from where she was sleeping.

Nav Canada says it's unaware of incident

A chunk of ice left this hole in Carmela Caccavo's roof. (Submitted )

A Mississauga woman woke to a chilling surprise Wednesday morning as a chunk of ice blew through the roof just metres away from where she was sleeping. 

Carmela Caccavo​ found the two-kilogram chunk of ice in her bedroom closet along with a massive hole in the roof. 

"I was shaking," she said. "At one point, I asked my son to check my blood pressure."

At first, Caccavo​ said she thought it was a raccoon. 
The chunk of ice that left a massive hole in the roof of a Mississauga house weighed in at around two kilograms. (Submitted)

"But then my son came and we started picking up ice, and we thought, 'Where did this come from?'"

That's when her son suggested it must have fallen from a plane. 

"I'm so glad I'm alive because it could've hit me on my head," Caccavo​ said. "I wouldn't wish this on anyone." 

Nav Canada, the agency responsible for Canadian airspace, said it was not aware of any incident. 

Transport Canada also says it was not aware, but urges the family to file a report. 

"The department takes all reports of possible debris coming from aircraft very seriously and every reported incident is investigated by departmental officials," it said in an email statement. 

But first, the Caccavo​ have one important thing to do. 

"We want to buy a lottery ticket. We consider ourselves lucky," Carmela said.


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