Hydro One rehires man fired after FHRITP incident

Hydro One says it has rehired an employee it fired for a comment he made in support of a friend who yelled obscenities at a female reporter during a live television interview.

WARNING: This story contains offensive language

Hydro One confirms it has rehired Shawn Simoes, right, who was fired in May for defending another man who yelled a vulgar phrase at a female reporter during an on-air interview. (CityNews)

Hydro One says it has rehired an employee it fired for a comment he made in support of a friend who yelled obscenities at a female reporter during a live television interview.

Daffyd Roderick, Hydro One's director of corporate affairs, released a statement on Monday confirming Shawn Simoes has been rehired. 

"There is an arbitration process in place. Hydro One made its views very clear," he wrote.

"This matter was resolved through the arbitration process. We will not comment any further on the matter." 

Simoes, while off-duty, appeared on CityNews with Shauna Hunt at the Toronto FC home opener in May.

His friend yelled "f--k her right in the p---y" while the reporter was broadcasting live from the game. 

The practice of yelling the crude phrase started last year after it was featured in a fake newscast blooper that went viral online.

Simoes called his friend's use of the sexually explicit taunt "f------ hilarious" before telling the reporter she was lucky they didn't have a vibrator.

Shortly after the incident, Hydro One fired the Simoes in connection with the lewd comments.


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