Possible human remains found in North York dumpster

Toronto police are investigating after someone found what’s being described as “possible human remains” in a garbage bin outside a building in North York.

Police say discovery was made outside residential building

Toronto police say they are investigating "possible human remains" that were found in a garbage bin Monday morning. (CBC)

Toronto police are investigating after someone found what's being described as "possible human remains" in a dumpster outside an apartment building in North York.

Police were called about the discovery at 8:42 a.m.

Const. Caroline de Kloet told CBC Toronto that a building superintendent located something that looked like a body part in a dumpster outside a residential building.

It was discovered when the bin was moved, she said.

"The circumstances are unknown at this time," de Kloet said.

"We're waiting on further information from the coroner."

Garbage chutes in the building have been cordoned off. (Submitted by Zoe Burns)

There is a lot of garbage in the dumpster, she said, so it's unclear if the possible body part is intact or attached to anything.

Zoe Burns, who lives in the building, said she "couldn't believe it" when she heard someone might have found a limb right outside her home.

"Your mind just starts racing," she said.

"It's very surreal. It doesn't feel real."

Police loaded dumpsters from the scene onto a truck Monday. (CBC)

Debbie Mitra, whose daughter lives in building, said information about what happened is scarce.

"No one is talking; no one is telling us anything," she said.

Investigators could be seen examining two garbage bins outside the building Monday. Later in the day, officers loaded covered bins onto a flatbed truck.

Garbage chutes in the building have also been taped off.