Toronto Public Health ignored requests to not immunize son, mom says

Jillian Goree‎ says Toronto Public Health gave her 12-year-old son three shots at his school, even though she clearly indicated that she didn't want him to receive the immunizations.

Boy, 12, says nurse ignored his objections to getting shots

Jillian Goree's 12-year-old son received three shots at his Toronto school, even though she hadn't given her consent. (CBC)

Jillian Goree‎ says Toronto Public Health gave her 12-year-old son three shots at his school, even though she clearly indicated that she didn't want him to receive the immunizations. 

Goree said she ticked "no" and wrote an extra "do not vaccinate" note at the top of the form for the Human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis and meningitis shots, as she had already booked an appointment with her family doctor to get her son the vaccinations.

She said her son told her that he'd voiced his concern with the nurse when he was taken to get the vaccinations, but he felt he wasn't listened to.

Goree said her son told the nurse that he didn't understand why he was there, but the nurse ignored him. 

"She asked his name and asked his birth date and prepped him for the needle," Goree said.

"So at that time he said he decided to stop trying to stop them."

Goree's said her instructions to Toronto Public Health were clear. (CBC News)

Goree said her form was submitted to the school late, but that was because she was contacting her doctor to find out if her son already had the shots being given at school. Goree was clear that she's not against vaccinating her son, but she wanted to do some more research about the shots and discuss them with her doctor.

TPH says it takes parents' concerns seriously

A Toronto Public Health (TPH) supervisor has already apologized to Goree, she said. 

The supervisor told her the nurse involved initially said the form was unclear, but later admitted that she had made a mistake. 

Public health officials declined to comment on the case, citing privacy concerns.

"TPH takes parental consent very seriously," the organization said in an emailed statement to CBC Toronto.

"TPH spends a lot of time preparing nurses to ensure they are familiar with TPH policies and procedures of vaccinations and clinic operations. If a concern arises they are dealt with immediately." 

The organization also declined to comment on whether or not the nurse involved is facing disciplinary action. 

Mom may take further action

Goree, meanwhile, also plans to file a complaint with the College of Nurses of Ontario.

She's also planning to write her school trustee and the Toronto District School Board. She's hoping to receive a letter in response acknowledging that her son was immunized without her consent.

Goree said she's not planning to take legal action at this time. 

She's still worried, however, about what could have happened if her son already received the vaccines the nurse administered.

"I'm so surprised that they aren't more careful," she said.