How neighbours on an Etobicoke street created a lifelong bond during the pandemic

In the first installment of CBC Toronto's Meet the Neighbours series, we visit Edwalter Avenue, where residents went from being friendly to "the most important network that we all had during COVID-19."

Edwalter Avenue featured in the first installment of CBC Toronto's Meet the Neighbours series

Meet the neighbours: Edwalter Ave

2 years ago
Duration 4:32
When families on Edwalter Avenue couldn’t go to camp this summer because of COVID-19, they turned their street in “Camp Edwally”

Before the pandemic, residents on Edwalter Avenue street were friendly with each other.

Now, they say they've become like extended family.

"Our neighbours actually turned into the most important network that we all had throughout COVID," said resident Danielle Bablich.

"We all were parenting each other's children and helping to get them through this time. Everyone pitched in."

CBC Toronto's Meet the Neighbours series is sharing stories of neighbours who became friends during the pandemic.

Residents on Edwalter Avenue call their street "Camp Edwally" and created matching t-shirts for its campers — the kids — and counsellors — their parents. 

From dawn to dusk through the summer, they rotated between the street and different backyards to play sports, eat meals and even learn together.

"If we didn't live on the street we actually don't know what we would have done,"  said resident Kim Cosic.

"It's been a saving grace."

How have you grown closer to your neighbours during the pandemic?

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Note: this segment was filmed before the Ontario government tightened COVID-19 restrictions and limited outdoor gatherings to 25 people. 


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