Corley Avenue house prompts evacuation after risk of collapse

Toronto Fire says a semi-detached house in Toronto's east end with structural damage appears to be collapsing, prompting an evacuation of the adjacent unit.

77 Corley Ave. shows large crack up exterior wall

Toronto Fire says ten trucks and 45 firefighters were sent to the building and the other half of the semi-unit was evacuated. (Grant Jennings/CBC)

Toronto Fire says a semi-detached house in Toronto's east end with structural damage appears to be collapsing, prompting an evacuation of the adjacent unit.

It appears the semi-detached house at 77 Corley Ave. — located just north of Kingston Road and east of Woodbine Avenue — is under renovation. A number of building permits are displayed in the windows and a van for a local home improvement company is parked outside.

The house appears to have been under renovation and a large crack stretches up an exterior wall. (Mike Prokopec/CBC)

Vincent Tsang, who lives next to the unit, says he was at the movies with his three children but otherwise would have been inside their home and doesn't know what could have happened.

"I don't want to think about it," Tsang said.

Toronto Fire says 10 trucks and 45 firefighters were at the scene but they have since left after deeming it no longer a danger.


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