Hot temperatures yield calls to police for dogs left in hot cars

As the temperatures start rising, so do the temperatures inside parked cars. Police in Barrie are reminding the public today to not leave their animals inside those very hot cars.

The mercury is on the rise in the Greater Toronto Area today, which means that temperatures are also on the rise in parked cars across the region.

As of early Sunday afternoon, Barrie police say they have already dealt with a pair of calls about dogs that were left in cars today.

They are reminding the public not to leave their pets in their vehicles on warm days.

Even if the window is left slightly open, police say it will not cool down the interior of the vehicle.

In Barrie, the temperature had hit 24 C by the early afternoon, according to data posted on the Environment Canada website.

The weather agency reported that the temperature had hit 23 C in Toronto as of 1 p.m.