Cause of Highway 400 crash still not clear, OPP waiting to confirm 2 victims

The raging fire during the 14-vehicle pileup has made identifying the three victims difficult, said Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the Ontario Provincial Police.

Raging fire during 14-vehicle pileup has made identifying victims a challenge, police say

Witnesses of the crash described seeing multiple explosions, while a police officer described what had happened as "absolute devastation." (Kerry Schmidt/Twitter)

People at the scene of last Tuesday's fiery crash on Highway 400 ran from a "wall of fire" as fuel poured out of several tanker trucks involved in the 14-vehicle pileup.

That raging fire has made identifying the three victims difficult, said Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the Ontario Provincial Police.

Sharing an update through a live stream on Monday, Schmidt did confirm the coroner has identified one victim: 37-year-old Benjamin Dunn, a truck driver and father of nine who was previously assumed to have died in the crash.

Police have also been in touch with family members of the other two potential victims, Schmidt said. One could be confirmed within a few days, while the other victim's identity may take longer to determine.

Ontario Provincial Police earlier identified Benjamin Dunn, seen here with with wife Nikiyah Mulak-Dunn and their nine children, as one of the truck drivers killed in the crash. (Nikiyah Mulak-Dunn)

Still not clear what caused pileup

It's also not clear what precisely caused the pileup, which started around 11:30 p.m. on Oct. 31. A transport truck slammed into the back of another large truck that was stopped at the end of a long line of traffic in the northbound lanes — a crash that sent fireballs into the night sky.

Two fully loaded tanker trucks, three other commercial vehicles and multiple cars were involved in the chain reaction of collisions.

"The investigation as to who caused this collision, what caused this collision, what were the circumstances around this collision — are still ongoing," said Schmidt. "We are speaking to many, many witnesses."