No sign of suspect from Barrie found after police search 2 GO Trains at Union Station

Police searched two GO trains at Union Station on Monday for an unarmed, injured robbery suspect from Barrie believed to have boarded a GO Train destined for Toronto.

GO Transit spokesperson says police had guns drawn as they searched 1 train

Toronto police officers were at Union Station to help Barrie police locate an unarmed, injured suspect in a robbery, but he was not found. (Natalie Kalata/CBC)

Toronto police failed to find an unarmed, injured robbery suspect from Barrie despite a search of two GO trains at Union Station early Monday.

The suspect was believed to have boarded a GO Train from Barrie destined for Toronto.

Toronto police said they were called to Union Station at 8:43 a.m. to help Barrie police with its investigation into the robbery. 

Police said they have cleared the scene.

Officers search bus in Barrie

Anne Marie Aikins, spokesperson for Metrolinx, a provincial transit agency which includes GO Transit, said police swept one train that arrived from Barrie with their guns drawn while customers were still on the train.

All washrooms on the train were checked as well. Passengers were then told to get off the train. 

Officers conducted a brief search of another train from Barrie but it was empty of passengers, she said.

Aikins said Metrolinx was told that a bus in Barrie, either a GO Transit or city bus, was also searched, but it is not known whether that vehicle was a city bus or GO Transit vehicle.

A view of the platform at Union Station. (Natalie Kalata/CBC)

Katrina Arrogante, spokesperson for the Toronto Police Service, said there were no public safety concerns as police carried out their searches.

Numerous police units, including the tactical unit, were on the scene and Toronto paramedics were on standby, she added.

"There's no indication that he's armed," she said.

Police did not released any information about his injuries. It's possible that the suspect boarded a GO bus instead, she added.

Union Station was not closed as police investigated.

The suspect is described as a black male in his 20s, wearing a white shirt, beige pants and a beige jacket.