Has the Sam the Record Man sign found a home?

The long-displaced Sam The Record Man sign appears to have finally found a home.

City-owned building at 277 Victoria Street to house historic sign

The long-displaced Sam The Record Man sign appears to finally have found a home.

The city-owned building at 277 Victoria Street is being recommended as "the most appropriate location" for the iconic record store sign by city staff.

The landmark sign, featuring red neon writing on vinyl records lit up to appear like they're spinning, sat atop of the Sam The Record Man store since the 1960s at the corner of Yonge and Gould Streets.

Ryerson University bought Sam’s space in 2008 — signage included — for future expansion of its downtown campus.

At that time the university formally agreed to remount the sign around the Yonge and Gould block that year. Then in November 2011, Ryerson reevaluated its commitment to replace the sign, citing rising costs and general disrepair of the sign.

After several years of confusion and occasional acrimony with the local councillor, Josh Matlow, the city is recommending a spot for the sign.

Ryerson may install the sign on either the Student Learning Centre or Gould Street Library frontage, however based on a public consult, the rooftop of 277 Victoria Street, viewable from YongeDundas Square, was chosen.

The restoration of the sign puts the responsibility for the costs of maintaining and installing the sign on the university. The proposal awaits approval by both the planning committee and Ryerson’s board of governors.