GO ordered to reduce noise in west-end construction

GO Transit has promised to comply with an order to tone down the noise from its track construction in a west-end Toronto neighbourhood.

GO Transit has promised to comply with an order to tone down the noise from its track construction in a west-end Toronto neighbourhood.

Earlier this year residents in the neighbourhood near Dundas Street West and Dupont Street complained to the Canadian Transportation Agency that GO's pile drivers were making unbearable noise during the track construction project.

GO claimed the noise was an unfortunate, but necessary, byproduct of improving service on the Georgetown line.

But after listening to both sides the CTA ordered GO to use different equipment to reduce noise. GO must also update its construction schedule daily.

MP Gerard Kennedy said the ruling will cost GO money and time because it will have to break existing contracts and buy new expensive equipment.

"This is GO's fault. They could have prevented the extra expense. They could have prevented the damage to the neighbourhood if they had done their job properly in the first place," he said.

MPP Cheri DiNovo said residents are waiting to see what happens. 

"The proof is on the ground. The proof is [how it affects] the people who live near the tracks," said DiNovo.

The MPP said GO should compensate residents for the suffering they have endured.

GO has installed 1,700 piles needed for the new tracks. Another 700 need to be installed before the work is finished.

GO said the project is well behind schedule and that the ruling means the construction — originally slated to be finished this month — will not be completed until next summer because crews will not be able to install as many piles each day.