Hundreds of Gilmore Girls fans get a taste of 'Luke's Diner' coffee in Toronto

Hundreds of Gilmore Girls fanatics in Toronto got to drink in the experience of having coffee at Luke’s Diner today. Well…kind of.

Netflix promotion transforms 4 Toronto coffee shops into Luke's Diner for the day

Milano Espresso Bar was one of four Toronto coffee shops transformed into Luke's Diner from Gilmore Girls as part of a Netflix promotion for the series. (Amanda Grant/CBC)

Hundreds of Gilmore Girls fanatics in Toronto got to drink in the experience of having coffee at Luke's Diner Wednesday.

Well, kind of.

In anticipation of a four-episode reboot of the popular American TV series, and to mark the 16th anniversary of the show's premiere, Netflix opened more than 200 pop-up locations of the iconic Stars Hollow eatery across North America Wednesday.

Four of them were in Toronto. Free coffee was given out to the first 250 enthusiasts looking to step into the shoes of Lorelai and Rory. 

Diehard fan Annie Nasth lined up for hours outside Infuse Cafe on Yonge Street, one of the pseudo-Luke's Diners. "I'm pretty pumped to be here. I feel like I'm part of the family because I'm going to be at Luke's." 

Infuse owner Glen De Mel quickly blew through the java he had to give away. He said he was happy to be a part of the pop culture craze.

"It's a way for the fans to reconnect with the brand, launch their 16th anniversary for Gilmore Girls and for local Toronto shops to get involved to help with this initiative."
Annie Nasth, left, and Justine Power waited outside Infuse Coffee on Yonge Street Wednesday to grab a coffee at the Luke's Diner pop-up cafe. (Martin Trainor/CBC)

Some fans said they are re-watching the entire series to get caught up before the new installment hits Netflix next month. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, debuts Nov. 25.

Luke's Diner Pop-up in Toronto

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Four pop-up locations of a diner featured in the TV show Gilmore Girls showed up around Toronto Wednesday.

Many of the people CBC spoke to said they are hoping to see the return of Rory's troubled-but-swoon-worthy love interest, Jess Mariano, played by Milo Ventimiglia.

Though the mother/daughter drama is often touted as a "girl's show," there were plenty of male fans in line for coffee.

John Swinimer has watched the entire series. "The whole family is waiting for the new season to start up," he said.

"They've done some great stories. They're great characters and it's really interesting to watch."
John Swinimer has watched the entire Gilmore Girls series with his family and is looking forward to the reboot. (CBC)

Justine Power said plenty of her male friends watch the show. "I don't know if they actually like it, or they like it because they want to impress girls," she laughed.