Geoffrey the robot is the new, cute way to get contactless delivery in Toronto

You may have noticed a little pink robot roaming the streets of downtown Toronto. Don't worry, it's not lost. It's just Geoffrey making daily deliveries.

Toronto startup Tiny Mile AI hopes Geoffrey is the future of delivery

Meet Geoffrey: a little pink robot delivering food in Toronto


4 months ago
You might have noticed a little pink robot roaming the streets of downtown Toronto. Don't worry, it’s not lost — it's just Geoffrey doing its daily contactless food deliveries. Angelina King shows us how it works. 2:33

A small, pink robot named Geoffrey has hit the big, busy city. 

Although Geoffrey was created before COVID-19, they were ready to roll at the right time.

Creator and founder of Tiny Mile AI Ignacio Tartavull says the idea behind Geoffrey was that they — the company says robots are gender neutral and their pronouns are "they" and "them" — free people from running errands.

Tartavull says Geoffrey isn't here to take away jobs, but eventually create more — with higher pay. 

He says Tiny Mile AI charges restaurants significantly lower delivery fees than other companies while operating robots that are environmentally friendly.

"A few years from now it's going to sound ridiculous that we use a car to carry a burrito," Tartavull said. 

A "pilot" drives Geoffrey around using a controller and laptop. Maryann Matias says it's very similar to playing a video game.

She's created a relationship with Geoffrey, even giving the robot a personality.

"I like to make [them] friendly and even a little bit quirky," she says.

Geoffrey is still in the testing phase and making a few food deliveries a day. But they have big dreams of expanding across the city and running all sorts of different errands.

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