Fords plan 'Save Our Subways' campaign

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Coun. Doug Ford say city council isn't listening to voters and they intend to keep pushing for subways.
The campaign is tentatively called 'Save Our Subways.' (CBC)

The fight for subways in Toronto will continue. 

Coun. Doug Ford says a tentatively named 'Save Our Subways' campaign will be aimed at voters, not fellow councillors inside City Hall.

Last week council voted in favour of a series of above ground light rail lines. 

Mayor Rob Ford was pushing for the new transit to be buried. 

On Monday the city's executive committee approved a motion asking city manager Joe Pennachetti to recommend "a process to move forward with the development of a plan to complete the Sheppard subway."

Doug Ford says his brother respects council, but council isn't respecting the wishes of the voters.

"People have been calling in — we've had more responses on this item than we've ever had on any issue, on a positive side.  This isn't about left wing, right wing, centre, this is about building proper transit for the entire city.  We live in a world class city, we need world class transit," said Ford.

Dr. Gordon Chong presented his early plan to build a Sheppard subway extension to the  mayor's executive committee on Monday.

The plan isn't fully costed and would require hundreds of millions in new revenues.

 The committee also asked Pennachetti to report back by March 21, on the findings of the expert panel which is looking at options for the Sheppard subway.