Flurries in store north of Toronto this week as fall colours take hold

Flurries are in the forecast for north of Toronto on Wednesday night, but Environment Canada says the white stuff is expected to be only a light dusting.

No snow expected to fall in the City of Toronto until November, meteorologist says

Leaves on a tree in Toronto's Beach neighbourhood have turned a brilliant shade of red as fall colours get underway in Toronto. There's no snow in the forecast for Toronto just yet, but it's in store for north of the city on Wednesday night, says a meteorologist. (Alan Habbick/Twitter)

Flurries are in the forecast for the area north of Toronto on Wednesday night, but it's likely to be limited to a light dusting, Environment Canada says. 

In the city, Wednesday could be the coldest night of the work week, with a low of 0 C expected. 

"In my opinion, at this point, I don't think any wet flurries are expected for Toronto, or wet snow yet," Rob Kuhn, severe weather meteorologist with Environment Canada, said on Sunday.

"We'll have to keep an eye on it. It's going to be getting close. But to the north of the city, that's a different story."

Kuhn said there is a slight chance of flurries in the northern reaches of York, Durham, Peel and Halton regions.

The flurries are lake effect precipitation, he said. That means cold arctic air will pick up moisture as it passes over the still warm waters of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.  Once it gets over land, the moisture will fall as rain or, if the temperature dips low enough, as flurries. 

Further north in Barrie, the forecast calls for a low temperature of –1 C on Wednesday night, with a 40 per cent of chance of rain showers or flurries as the temperature drops. 

The Leuty lifeguard station watches over Lake Ontario on Saturday during a brisk fall day. The forecast calls for the temperature to drop to zero on Wednesday night. (Alan Habbick/Twitter)

Time to think about winter driving

Kuhn said it won't be cold enough for flurries in Toronto, with a mix of sun and cloud and a high temperature of 11 C expected for that day. 

The risk of flurries in some areas is a good reminder for drivers to start thinking about winter driving conditions, he added. 

"Folks heading to the north should just be prepared for near freezing temperatures. It's no longer summer. So drive according to the conditions."

Kuhn said it's too soon to say when exactly Toronto will get flurries or snow. There's no sign in the charts, he added. 

"It's probably fair to say we usually don't get our first snow, or enough to make even the grass turn white in the city, until November."

Trees in Toronto's Beach neighbourhood show their fall foliage. (Alan Habbick/Twitter)

As for Sunday in Toronto, the low recorded at Pearson airport was 3.2 C, while the station at Buttonville Airport registered a temperature of 0.4 C. 

Temperatures should top out around 15 C. 

The first half of the work week will see mild weather and seasonal temperatures. A high of 14 C is expected Monday, with a low of 4 C overnight. On Tuesday, the temperature will hover around 11 C, with a low of 7 C forecast.