Man, 20, charged with arson for allegedly setting 6 fires near the Annex

Toronto police are investigating six "suspicious" fires set in Rexdale early Saturday morning. Meanwhile, a man, 20, has been charged with arson for allegedly setting six fires near the Annex neighbourhood on Friday night.

Toronto police are investigating another 6 fires set in Rexdale late Saturday

A video posted online shows a fire blazing on the porch of a house on Euclid Avenue in Toronto. (Amazing Cole/YouTube)

Toronto police say they are investigating a dozen fires set in two separate neighbourhoods over the weekend and have charged one man with arson for six of them. 

The first six fires were set near the Annex on Friday night, while another six were set in Rexdale early Saturday. 

A man, 20, has been charged with arson for allegedly setting the Annex fires.

The man appeared in a Toronto courtroom on Saturday for 12 offences, including six counts of arson — disregard for human life, and another six counts of arson — damage to property.

Investigators have not made an arrest at this time in the Rexdale fires and could not say if the two sets of fires are connected.   

1 fire caught on tape

A video posted on YouTube appears to show one of the fires set downtown. In the video, a family flees from a house after a fire is set on the porch.

The video says the house was on Euclid Avenue. In the video, the person filming the incident says this was the first in the series of fires.

All six fires occurred between Harbord and Lennox Streets to the north and south, and Bathurst Street and Euclid Avenue to the east and west.

Police warn residents to stay vigilant

Early Saturday, six fires were set on Woolenscote Circle near Highway 27 and Finch Avenue. All six fires were set on the same street.

Police said a fire accelerant was used. Minor damage was caused to several homes, but no injuries were reported.

Residents in the area are urged to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity.