Fire trucks for sale? Kijiji ad a protest against cuts

An online ad that shows four Toronto fire trucks for sale is in fact a protest against coming service cuts.

Fire truck for sale?

9 years ago
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An ad posted on Kijiji listing for sale a Toronto fire truck is in fact a protest against proposed cuts.

At face value, the ads posted on Kijiji Sunday suggest four Toronto fire trucks are on the market.

But as CBC's Travis Dhanraj discovered, the ads are a bit of online mischief, a protest against cuts coming to Toronto Fire Service.

The fire truck featured in the ad is one of two from a fire station station 215 in Port Union in the city's east end. And although the ad is completely bogus, one thing isn't: the station will be losing one of its trucks in April.

Cuts to the city budget approved earlier this year will eliminate four trucks and dozens of positions. The ads direct interested buyers to contact the fire chief.

Toronto Fire Service insists public safety won't be affected by cuts, the head of the firefighter's association disagrees.

Fire union head Ed Kennedy says he doesn't know if one of his members put up the fake ad, but said he understands its satire. The union ran ads earlier this year suggesting the cuts will slow response times.

"As far as I'm concerned, we're going the wrong way in regards to service levels," Kennedy told CBC News. "We should have been looking at adding trucks instead of taking four trucks out of service."

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