Feds announce funding for 14 marijuana research projects across Canada

The federal government will research the impact of legalising pot on Indigenous women, pregnant woman and changes in how people use marijuana after it's legalised. Critics say the government should have done this research before legalising pot.

Point man Bill Blair defends government for not doing health research earlier

Fourteen new research projects will include studies on how pot use affects pregnant women and teenagers. (David Donnelly/CBC)

The federal government has announced more than a million dollars for research projects on the effects of legalizing recreational marijuana.

Bill Blair, the MP who has acted as the government's point person on cannabis legislation, says the research findings will help the government understand the impact of the country's new pot laws.

The 14 projects that will receive the Canadian Institute of Health Research funding are based out of hospitals and universities across the country.

Liberal MP Bill Blair is defending the government from criticisms that it should have done more research on impact of pot before moving to legalize weed. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

Some of the projects will look at how pot use affects Indigenous communities, pregnant women and teenagers, and others will examine how cannabis use changes once it's legalized and will evaluate the provincial governments' regulatory models for cannabis policies.

The government has been criticized for not conducting such research before deciding to legalize recreational marijuana.

But Blair says that while research has been conducted on cannabis in Canada before, it would have been difficult to carry out research on such a scale while recreational pot was prohibited.