Be on the lookout for 3D printed tiny Drake figurines

Andrew Gardner has taken it to the next level, taking a two-dimensional online meme and making it come to life using the latest technology and everyone's favourite digital muse, Drake.

Artist Andrew Gardner's small tribute to the Toronto rapper

Drake sits atop a walk button. The tiny figure is made using 3D printing software. (Andrew Gardner/tiny_views)

Andrew Gardner has taken it to the next level, taking a two-dimensional online meme and making it come to life using the latest technology and everyone's favourite digital muse, Drake.

On the cover of his new album, Views, the rapper appears sitting atop of the CN Tower. After the cover art was released, a creative web app allowed users to add the seated Drake to any photo. Gardner has added another dimension to that meme, literally, by 3D printing the photo of Drake so he can sit anywhere, not just on a computer or smartphone screen..

"I was inspired by the fun meme with a little Drake sitting on things," said Gardner. "As soon as the album dropped, I spent the whole weekend creating the model while listening to Drake tunes."

(Andrew Gardner/tiny_views)

Gardner had already been experimenting with 3D software before Views was released. He combined the memes by making a 3D model of Drake using an application called Blender, and printing it through a company called Shapeways.

The material is coloured sandstone, so there's no hand painting or other difficult processes usually associated with miniature figurines. "It's really a cool process, and it feels very good to hold something that you designed," he said.

(Andrew Gardner/tiny_views)

The little figurine has its own Instagram account, called @tiny_views, where it can be seen sitting atop Toronto structures like TTC shelters and office cubicles.

"It's a silly account, but I love putting a spotlight on Toronto in my own way," he said. "I'm glad people are enjoying it."

There's also a 14-karat gold model of tiny Drake, which retails at more than $600.

There is no utility for tiny Drake other than to perch him somewhere and exchange glances.

"Definitely take fun social media shots," Gardner advised. "Have it sitting in your house or your office somewhere. Wait for people to spot it. The sandstone prints are meant to be decorative, so put it somewhere fun and let him just take in the views."


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