Drake's driving adventures in Toronto

Rapper Drake gets pulled over by police, and Instagrams it. It's not the first time the rapper and his attention-grabbing cars have been spotted in Toronto.

Rapper's high-priced luxury cars gets all kinds of attention – including from police

Drake's car is instantly recognizable from its vanity plate

Rapper Drake posted a video of his vehicle being pulled over by Toronto police on Wednesday, admitting he has no front licence plate on his $800,000 custom-ordered Phantom Rolls Royce.

He also admitted to being fond of the officer who pulled him over.

"Too early for this, too early," someone can be heard saying in the background. "She's cute, too," Drake replies.

This is not the first time the Toronto rapper has been pulled over in the city. Police were photographed talking to Drake while his instantly recognizable Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir was at the curb on downtown street earlier this summer.

The Grammy Award-winning Drake has sold upwards of five million albums worldwide, making him a magnet for attention. But spotting his rare, limited edition Bugatti, with a price tag in the millions, has become something of a sport in Toronto.

See pictures of Drake and his Bugatti in the photo gallery below.

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