Rihanna releases peek at steamy Work video shot in Toronto

Things were getting a little steamy at The Real Jerk restaurant in Riverdale — and not in the kitchen.

Full video expected on Monday

Drake and Rihanna recently shot the video for RiRi's 'Work' in Toronto. (Rihanna/YouTube)

Things were getting a little steamy at The Real Jerk restaurant in Riverdale — and not in the kitchen.

Earlier this month, Drake and Rihanna were work, work, working on a video for RiRi's Work in Toronto where the duo also cast dancers.

Rihanna released a snippet of the video Friday, which was shot under tight wraps at the restaurant.

The Riverdale restaurant, which Drake often visits, was closed for a day and a half to accommodate the shoot.

Lily Pottinger, who co-owns the Real Jerk with her husband, said their restaurant was decked out to look like a club and several of the dancers were Riverdale residents.

"He really looks out for his Toronto people," she told CBC News following the shoot.

The full video is expected on Monday.