Doug Ford launches bid for Toronto's 2018 mayoral race

Doug Ford will run for mayor in next year's municipal election.

The former city councillor made the political announcement at Ford Fest

Doug Ford will run for mayor in the 2018 municipal election. (CBC)

Doug Ford will run for mayor in next year's Toronto municipal elections.

The former city councillor made the political announcement Friday night at Ford Fest, his family's annual barbecue.

Ford, the brother of Rob Ford, the former mayor who died in March of 2016,  hasn't held political office since losing to John Tory in the 2014 election. He stepped into the mayor's race in September of that year after his younger brother had to drop out when he was diagnosed with cancer. 

Doug Ford finished second in the October 2014 election, securing nearly 34 per cent of the vote.

Doug Ford published the book "Ford Nation, Two Brothers, One Vision: The True Story of the People's Mayor" last year because he wanted an accurate record of the Ford years as mayor in print. (Christopher Katsarov/Canadian Press)

Prior to that, Ford served as councillor for Ward 2, Etobicoke North, which is known as stronghold for his family and Ford Nation supporters. The city council seat was previously held by Rob Ford  whose mayoral term from 2010 to 2014 was marred by his public struggles with crack and alcohol. 

Toronto's mayoral race will be decided in October, 2018.