Mystery accordion men keep popping up on the TTC to play Despacito

Mystery men, armed with accordions, keep popping up during TTC commutes to play the ubiquitous summer earworm Despacito.

TTC aware of the buskers, have given them warnings

A pair of mysterious accordion men have been playing Despacito on subway trains for TTC commuters. Reaction has been split; some have loved the pop-up performances while others hate hearing it on public transit. (Jose Taboada/Twitter)

A pair of mystery men armed with accordions keep popping up during TTC commutes to play the hit summer earworm Despacito.

Commuters have spotted the musicians on subway trains throughout the city.

The TTC says they are aware of the men. The accordionists appear to play alone but it isn't clear who the two men are or why they are playing Despacito.

Reaction to the busking has been deeply divided: some have loved hearing music mid-commute, others loathe it. 

Despacito's ubiquity has made it a divisive tune. The song became the most viewed clip of all-time on YouTube last summer (it now has more than five billion views) and the most-streamed track of all-time.

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green says transit enforcement officers came across the men a few times earlier this month and have given them warnings. 

Buskers are only allowed to play in designated areas within TTC stations and must be approved performers. No playing is permitted on trains.

"It might look kind of innocent or humourous that someone is playing a song that is popular with some people and not so popular with others on the accordion on the subway," said Green.

"The fact is that it is against our by-laws particularly if busking and collecting money gets involved."

Green says while the TTC hasn't gotten any official complaints, he has seen the griping online. He warns the duo could be fined.

"If they continue doing this and we catch them, we can issue tickets as well."