Daycare closures deferred by Peel council

Peel regional council has put off the closure of 12 daycare centres amid protests from dozens of angry parents.

Peel regional council has put off the closure of 12 daycare centres amid protests from dozens of angry parents.

Council decided unanimously Thursday to defer a decision and set up a task force to look at their options, CBC's Charlsie Agro reported from Region of Peel Headquarters.

The region had said chronic underfunding from the province was forcing the closures, which would affect almost 800 children.

Many parents turned up to protest the decision, telling councillors that they rely on the daycares and don't trust alternative options.

Tammy Cameron-Young's daughter, Jayda, goes to one of the daycares that was slated to close.

"We're hoping in the end, some of the wait lists will clear and we’ll get Jayda through," she told CBC News. "If not, maybe we’ll get lucky and someone from the region will open up a private daycare, we’re not sure. So we’re actually gonna be pretty stuck."

Many parents said they were particularly upset about the haste of the potential closures. The region has been studying the closure option for a year, but parents say they were only told recently that the daycares could close.

Peel council chair Emil Kolb told CBC News before the deferral that the plan has not been a secret.

"We’ve been studying ever since there’s been an announcement that four and five year olds are going to go into kindergarten over the next five years," he said.