Cyclist who struck pedestrian facing $3.75 fine

The cyclist who struck Nobu Okamoto as he was walking along Finch Avenue West is facing a fine of $3.75. Okamoto died three weeks later in hospital.

Nobu Okamoto was walking along Finch Avenue West at about 10:00 a.m. on Aug. 4, when he was struck by a cyclist riding on the sidewalk.

Okamoto, a 74-year-old father of three grown children, suffered a fractured skull, a dislocated shoulder and internal bleeding.

He died on Monday at Toronto Western Hospital, never having regained consciousness.

The cyclist — a 33-year-old man — is facing a fine of $3.75 because the incident happened in what was once the City of North York and the fines have not changed since amalgamation.

In another recent case a cyclist in Chinatown allegedly ran a red light and went the wrong way down the street.  He hit a pedestrian.  The woman's skull was fractured.

That fine was $400 because it was laid under the Highways Traffic Act.

Police say in the Okamoto case the cyclist could still face criminal charges.

Okamoto's children say they hope his death will prompt the city to put in a bicycle lane.

"We'd really like to see a separate bicycle lane built," said Karen Okamoto.

"We're not focused on punishment," she said.  "We're focusing on grieving."