Cyclist charged for Yonge Street wheelie stunt through pedestrians and oncoming traffic

Toronto police have charged a cyclist with careless driving after he was allegedly captured on video popping a wheelie and weaving through intersections, crosswalks, sidewalks and oncoming traffic on Yonge Street.

Toronto police say the 28-year-old put several people in harm's way during stunt

The cyclist hops a curb and rides on the sidewalk after crossing oncoming traffic. (Toronto Police)

A cyclist has been charged with careless driving after allegedly popping an extended wheelie and weaving through oncoming traffic and pedestrians on Yonge Street.

Toronto police shared an Instagram video in June that allegedly captured the 28-year-old man riding from Wellesley Street to Carlton Street.

"The cyclist weaved through traffic, rode on the sidewalk, failed to signal lane changes, failed to yield to pedestrians, and failed to stop for a red light," Toronto police wrote in a statement announcing the charge.

The video was originally posted to the account @mylittlebikeshop, which later defended the clip after it was shared by Toronto police.

"It's kind of heartbreaking to see my little poppa wheelie clip being posted on the Toronto police Instagram account... I say heartbreaking because my video is surrounded by surveillance videos of murders, stabbings, shootings, robberies and sexual assaults," reads a caption on the account page.

Another post about the incident appeared on September 5 and included photos of a court summons and of a car being pulled over by a police cruiser. 

"Despite me being a very skilled and experienced rider, I did break multiple laws," said the caption. 

"I plan to continue to do wheelies in the city. However, I will stop going on sidewalks, into oncoming lanes and through red lights for now." 

Toronto Police Traffic Services spokesperson Clint Stibbe thanked the rider for the video and demonstration of "great riding skill" but added, "you have put several pedestrians in harm's way as a result of your actions."

The cyclist is scheduled to appear in court at Old City Hall in October to face the charge.