Coyote sightings in Newmarket prompt warning

The Town of Newmarket warns residents of increased coyote sightings in the rural parts of the town.

The town released a public service announcement with safety guidelines for coyote sightings

There have been an increase in coyote sightings in the Newmarket area. (Getty Images)

An increase in coyote sightings in Newmarket has prompted the town to send a warning out to its residents.

In a press release distributed Monday, the town said they have been made aware of an unusual increase in coyote sightings in the community, and provided a list of safety tips for residents. 

To prevent encounters and ensure that families and pets remain safe the release recommends to:

  • Store all garbage in tightly sealed containers; this will deter coyotes as well as other animals and rodents from becoming a problem
  • Use motion sensitive lights in yards or gardens to make your property less attractive to coyotes and other nocturnal wildlife
  • Remember to never leave children unattended
  • Educate your children to not approach or harass any wild animals or unfamiliar domestic pets
  • Never let your pet run at large, keep your pet on a leash when walking and confined to a fenced yard on your property
  • Do not feed coyotes or leave any type of food outdoors for any animal, even your pets.

Coyotes are native to North America and can be found living in both rural and urban areas. The release says the increased sightings around town could be due to changes in land use, agricultural practices, weather and natural food storage.

The Town of Newmarket has released a coyote reporting feature, where residents and visitors can report sightings immediately.