Coyote shot by Toronto police

A coyote was shot and killed by police officers on Monday night after it was spotted in a wooded area in Toronto's Cabbagetown neighbourhood.

A coyote was shot and killed by police officers Monday night in a wooded area in Toronto’s Cabbagetown neighbourhood.

Police say they spotted the coyote in Wellesley Park.

Toronto Police Sgt. Jeff Douglas said the animal was acting aggressively.

"It was showing its fangs, and teeth," he said. "It just seemed a little bit peculiar that it wasn't afraid of the officers or anyone else in the area."

The first shot only wounded the animal. It ran to a nearby ravine where police shot it again, killing it.

Douglas said it's likely the same coyote spotted just a few days ago just south of Cabbagetown.

"We believe it's the one from Regent Park," said Douglas.

Gillian Scarfe walks her dog around Wellesley Park nearly every evening.

But for the last few nights she's been anxiously looking over her shoulder after she had a close encounter with a coyote.

"I've been tentative walking by here the last couple of nights, just in case it came out again ... so probably a bit of relief."

It's the second time officers have shot a coyote in the last year. In April another one was shot near Cherry Beach.