Videos show coyote run over, shot dead by OPP

A resident in Collingwood, Ont., is calling an Ontario Provincial Police officer's killing of a coyote on her street "horrible."

Police say coyote put down because it posed danger to people, other animals

A Collingwood woman says she recorded an OPP cruiser running over a coyote Monday night. She claims an officer later shot the animal.
A resident of Collingwood, Ont., is calling an Ontario Provincial Police officer's killing of a coyote on her street "horrible."

Sarah Leggett posted videos on her Facebook page that appear to show a police cruiser running over an animal on the street.

Warning: the videos contain graphic images. 

"Oh my God, he just ran the coyote over," one woman is heard saying as the incident was being filmed. "I can't believe the cop hit it with his car. Why would you do that?" 

Due to the danger this animal posed to both people and other animals and for the safety of the community, police had to put down this animal.OPP
The OPP says officers responding to a report of an aggressive coyote on Monday night killed the animal in the interest of public safety.

In a statement, police said they responded to a report that the animal, which was spotted on Seventh Street in the Town of Collingwood, was "aggressive and possibly rabid." 

"Due to the danger this animal posed to both people and other animals and for the safety of the community, police had to put down this animal," the OPP said.

Struck three times

Commentary on the videos on Facebook indicates the animal was struck by the car three times before a shot was heard.

Leggett said in a post that she "couldn't believe" what she saw.

Many took to Twitter to express their outrage at what they saw on the video.

The alleged incident was also condemned by The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals.

"We didn't want to think this was real when it was sent to us," says Michael Howie, a spokesman for the organization.

"But it is irrefutable at this point – the officer did in fact run over what we have been told was a coyote multiple times prior to using his sidearm to kill him in a more humane fashion," Howie said.

Acting Sgt. Lynda Cranney of Central Region OPP did not return CBC News' call for a comment.

The three videos are in this Facebook post. Warning: they contain graphic images. In the one video, the officer shoots the coyote, apparently after it was hit by the police cruiser. Another video shows the police cruiser striking the animal.

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