1 dead after gunfire erupts in Toronto's Corso Italia neighbourhood, Toronto police say

Toronto police are investigating after reports that multiple people were shot in the city’s Corso Italia area.

Multiple shell casings, vehicle in area seen with driver's side window blown out

Police were called to the scene at St. Clair Avenue West and St. Clarens Avenue where they found Sadat in his car suffering fatal gunshot wounds. (Devin Keshavjee/CBC)

One person is dead after gunfire erupted in Toronto's Corso Italia neighbourhood around noon Friday.

Police were called to the scene of St. Clair Avenue West and St. Clarens Avenue at approximately 11:40 a.m. for reports of shots fired and the possibility of multiple victims.

Carlos Oliviera, who owns a nearby restaurant, was unloading his car a few doors down and heard what he thought at first were fireworks. He looked around and heard a woman scream before quickly realizing they were gunshots.

"I noticed that people started running. It was serious, it was gunshots," he said.

Oliveira counted nine shots and immediately called 911.

More than dozen bullet markers were seen in the area, surrounded by residential streets and usually bustling with shoppers around lunchtime on a Friday. A white SUV with California licence plates could be seen outside a bakery, with its driver's side window blown out. 

Toronto lawyer Selwyn Pieters posted video of the scene on social media, showing officers performing CPR on a someone laying on the ground outside the SUV.

Several emergency vehicles were in the area as traffic was diverted away.

Paramedics told CBC News they arrived to find one patient, but did not transport anyone to hospital.

Police are now searching for two possible suspects, believed to have fled the area in a four-door sedan.

Sadat's vehicle at the scene. Police are looking for two suspects. (Paul Borkwood/CBC)