Meet CBC Toronto's Youth Correspondents

Two high school students, Anisha Latchman of Mississauga, and Cameron Davis of Markham, got their first assignment even before class was back in session.

Correspondents give a student’s perspective to the start of a school year like no other

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CBC Toronto asked two GTA high school students who are going back into the classroom to give viewers and listeners a behind the scenes look.

Markham Grade 11 student Cameron Davis and Mississauga Grade 12 student Anisha Latchman are on special assignment as CBC Toronto Youth Correspondents.

The two youth will be reporting about attending classes both in person and virtually while their schools implement new guidelines and procedures to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

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Anisha Latchman

Anisha choose an adapted mode for her return to school plan, meaning half day online and half day in school. (Provided by Anisha Latchman )

Anisha is a Grade 12 Mississauga high school student who will share her back to school journey in a three part video series.

Watch Part 1 - Anisha gets ready to go back into a classroom for the first time in six months. 

Watch Part 2 - Anisha's been back in school for a week now. Find out what's working and what's not.

Watch Part 3 - Anisha's been back inside a classroom for almost a month. Find out the surprising way students are benefiting from the combination of virtual and in class room learning. 

Cameron Davis

Cameron will record an audio diary of his back to school journey for Metro Morning. You can hear Cameron on 99.1FM or the CBC Listen App. (Provided by Cameron Davis )

Cameron is a Grade 11 Markham high school student who will share his back to school journey in a four part audio diary on Metro Morning. 

Cameron's first interview on Metro Morning with new host Ismaila Alfa. 

Listen to Part 1 - Cameron's optimistic for the start of school.

Listen to Part 2 - Distractions, academic honesty and whether to go on-camera: Cameron details virtual learning.

Listen to Part 3 - Different courses, mean different students end up in your cohort

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