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Get to know emerging GTA musicians with Here and Now's weekly segment

Have you ever wondered what your favourite artist is listening to? Or where to find emerging musicians in the GTA to add to your playlist?

CBC Here and Now is here to help you get to know up-and-coming musical talent with a weekly segment called 'Song of the Week'. Past features include Polaris-Prize winning artist Haviah Mighty, STORRY, Odario, Jonah Yano and many others. Each of these artists has curated a selection of songs they like, which you can listen to on Spotify here.

Song of the week artists featured include Ralph, Aphrose, Shopé, Lydia Persaud and Pleasure Craft, among others. (submitted by artists)

Check out the most recent playlist from Toronto singer-songwriter STORRY:

Artist diaries

The world has seen fundamental shifts since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For artists and musicians, most of the in-person opportunities that support their livelihoods, like concerts, festivals and cross-country tours, have been put on hold for the foreseeable future. What are the challenges and opportunities present in this time? What support is needed? Host Gill Deacon checks in with a new artist from the GTA each week.

Check out a few below:

Luke Lalonde is the lead singer of Born Ruffians. They just released a new album called "Juice." Lalonde is also a solo artist. For this week's edition of Artist Diaries, he gives Gill Deacon an inside view on how things are going for a musician. 7:20
The first out of a series of interviews, hearing from local artists that have been impacted by the measures around the COVID 19 spread. Today we hear from Toronto artist, Ralph. NaN:NaN
Honey Jam is a music and mentorship program and for the past 25 years it has lead the way to fostering female-identifying artists in Canada. Ebonnie Rowe, talks about the challenges of marking its 25th anniversary and the future of Honey Jam during the Pandemic. 7:48

Find your next favourite song

Past 'Song of the week' artists STORRY, Adria Kane, Sarah Slean and Lydia Persaud in the CBC Here and Now studio. (CBC)

The GTA is full of talented artists, but with so much out there, it's not always easy to know where to look. Sometimes the best music comes to us through recommendations. The Here and Now Songs Chosen Spotify playlist gives you access to hours of music by local artists, featuring their favourite local artists. Get to know the musicians behind some of your (soon to be) favourite songs, and discover other artists that inspire their craft.

Check out the playlists here.

Tunes for tough times

What do you listen to when times are tough, or uncertain? In the midst of the global pandemic, many turn to music as a source of comfort. CBC Here and Now asked listeners to share some of the songs in their rotation right now. The result: the Pandemic Playlist featuring songs selected by people across the GTA.

Listen below: