Relax with this guided meditation from CBC Here and Now

CBC Here and Now host Gill Deacon spoke with Rebecca Price of I Rise Yoga about the importance of meditation and finding peace during uncertain times. Follow along with this three-minute guided meditation video from that conversation.

Follow along with a three-minute meditation aired on CBC Here and Now

Follow along with this three-minute guided meditation (CBC)

In the midst of uncertainty, it's easy to feel anxious or overwhelmed. Routines have changed, and most people are practicing physical distancing which means limited or no contact with friends and loved ones. What's the best way to stand grounded amidst a global pandemic? Many are turning towards calming practices like meditation. How to get started? This guided meditation led by Rebeckah Price, founder of I Rise Yoga, provides a short and accessible introduction.

You can listen to the interview and extended segment here.

Radio from home

CBC Here and Now host Deacon showing off her work from home set up (Gill Deacon/CBC)

Here and Now host Gill Deacon is now hosting the show live from home (sometimes alongside a special guest, her dog Hugo). Listen to the show live weekdays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. or catch up anytime on CBC Listen. You can find segments from the show here.

Here and now host Gill Deacon's dog, Hugo (Gill Deacon/CBC)

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