Year of the pickle: here's what's on the menu at the 2019 CNE

Let's hope you like pickles. They're on the menu at this year's Canadian National Exhibition in a big way.

Pickle lemonade and pickle pizza are among the offerings

Dill-infused lemonade with sweet pickles is a new offering at the CNE this year. (Michael Wilson/CBC)

Have a penchant for pickles? Let's hope so.

They feature heavily on the menu at this year's Canadian National Exhibition.

R&J Concessions is behind the pickle pizza. (Paul Smith/CBC)

"We have pickle lemonade, we have pickle pizza ... Pickle may be the theme this year," said Zis Parras, the CNE's product development director.

The fair, which kicks off on Friday, is famous for its creative food offerings.

Here's what's on the menu at the 2019 CNE

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Pickle lemonade, rainbow grilled cheese and nitro spaghetti are just a few of the edible offerings at the Canadian National Exhibition.

Here's a look at some other treats you can dive into.

Rainbow grilled cheese, anyone?

Pancho's is bringing the unicorn food trend to a classic grilled cheese sandwich.

You're going to be seeing this rainbow grilled cheese in your Instagram feed. (Michael Wilson/CBC)

Spaghetti ice cream

Local café Eative dreamed up ice cream pressed into spaghetti, featuring liquid nitrogen.

The vendor flash freezes the ice cream, pressed into spaghetti, with liquid nitrogen. (Paul Smith/CBC)

Beyond Guacamole Burger

The year's offerings wouldn't be complete without a plant-based burger. This one is called the Beyond Guacamole Burger.

"It's the highlight of our summer," said Scott Dennis of CoCo's Concessions, the vendor behind the meatless burger. "The CNE's one of our best shows we do."

Bub's puts its spin on the Beyond Meat burger with this sandwich, topped with guacamole. (Michael Wilson/CBC)

Pancakes as 'fluffy as clouds'

In the mood for Japanese pancakes?

Benson Lau of Toronto's Fuwa Fuwa promises these are "light as air, fluffy as clouds."

These Japanese pancakes are 'very jiggly,' Benson Lau says. (Michael Wilson/CBC)

Pho fries

Love pho and french fries? Supa Fries combined them for this dish.

French fries, beef and bean sprouts make up 'Pho Fries.' (Michael Wilson/CBC)

General Custard

The Cheesecake Factory's General Custard layers caramel sauce, custard, whipped cream and a Portuguese custard tart.

The General Custard is just as it sounds — all custard, all the time. (Michael Wilson/CBC)

The CNE runs from Aug. 16 to Sept. 2.

With files from Chris Glover and Meagan Fitzpatrick


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