Icy CN Tower to remain closed until further notice

The CN Tower and its immediate surrounding area will remain closed indefinitely while crews wait for the last remnants of ice to melt off the tower.

Police had been concerned about a 100 foot long ice sheet clinging to the tower

The CN Tower has been closed since Monday after the spring ice storm. (Paul Borkwood/CBC)

The CN Tower will remain closed until further notice while crews wait for the last chunks of ice to melt from the structure.

The 553-metre tower has been closed to the public since Monday morning, after a spring ice storm swept through the region.

Inspectors examined the tower again Wednesday morning and found the situation had "improved considerably" since the peak of the storm, but it was ultimately determined the tower and area underneath it remain too dangerous to open.

"Our top priority continues to be the safety of guests, employees and neighbours as we continue to collaborate with the authorities and our partners," a CN Tower spokesperson wrote in a statement. "We continue to assess the situation and inspections take place on a regular basis."

The road closure covers Bremner Boulevard from Rees Street to Lower Simcoe Street.

CN Tower representatives will meet with their counterparts from Toronto Police, Ripley's Aquarium and Rogers Centre later Wednesday afternoon to reassess the situation.

Police worried over 100 foot ice sheet

Earlier this week, Toronto police were concerned about an ice sheet on the tower measuring 100 feet long and 30 feet wide.

"As you can imagine that could do some serious damage," said Sgt. Chris McCann, who's been tasked with overseeing the closed area.

Sgt. Chris McCann said chunks of ice were still "raining down" from the tower on Wednesday morning. (Paul Borkwood/CBC)

While that ice sheet did not fall off the tower in one piece, McCann said other large pieces have been spotted falling off the tower.

Chunks of ice were "raining down" from the tower as recently as Wednesday morning, he said.

On Monday, the Toronto Blue Jays had their game postponed at neighbouring Rogers Centre due to damage to the roof from falling ice.