Doo Doo the Clown honoured for bravery after intervening in assault on women

There was no clowning around for Doo Doo the Clown when he called 911 after witnessing a man attack two women on Sunday afternoon near Front Street West and Bathurst Street.

Clown called 911 after witnessing man punch woman in the head

WARNING: Contains strong language. Doo Doo the Clown's dash cam captures moment when attacker jumps on SUV. 0:32

There was no clowning around for Doo Doo the Clown when he called  911 after witnessing a man attack two women on Sunday afternoon. 

Doo Doo — also known as Shane Farberman — says when he saw the man punch one of the women in the head near Front Street West and Bathurst Street he went into action.

"I remember pulling up as fast as I can screaming, 'Get in, get in!' and I know that I am a clown and I had a car full of clowns, but these ladies ran and jumped into the back," said Doo Doo in a phone interview with CBC News.

News of the rescue prompted Coun. Norm Kelly to award Doo Doo the Clown with a scroll recognizing his act of bravery at Toronto City Hall Monday afternoon.

"You've given an additional definition to the word clown. You weren't clowning around. You were acting decisively and bravely," said Kelly during a presentation ceremony at Toronto City Hall.  

Doo Doo was heading home after performing at a party with two other clowns in his SUV.

The man then chased after the women and jumped onto Doo Doo's vehicle and ripped off a side mirror.     

The incident was caught on Doo Doo's dash camera on his SUV.

He has since turned over the video to police, although he says he does not plan on pressing charges against the man for the damage to his vehicle.

Doo Doo, who's best-known for his role in the Adam Sandler film Billy Madison, says the gratitude he's received is overwhelming.  

"I was in the police cruiser and this man pulled up and I went and spoke to him and he said, 'Thank you, that was my wife that got into your car.'"

"My heart was pounding, I was overwhelmed, and then I go home and first thing, my daughter comes up and hugs me and says, 'Dad, you're my hero,'" said Doo Doo. 

Doo Doo the Clown has been an entertainer for 32 years,


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