Clickable donation option soon to be on all Toronto city websites

Staff at city hall will try to make it easier for citizens to donate money to the city by putting the clickable donation option that's on the Animal Services web page on all city websites.

Animal Services first in donors' hearts, new city study shows

Toronto city staff have discovered that the vast majority of people who donate money to the city are giving it to Animal Services, because they find the clickable donation option on the department's web page when they log on to license their pets. (Geoff Stearns / Flickr)

Staff at city hall have come up with a way to make it easier for citizens to donate money to the city.

Sometime between now and the end of the year, they'll test an e-donation system that will appear on the web page of each city division, according to a staff report made public Wednesday.

Staff came up with the idea after noticing that the city department with the largest number of donors last year was Toronto Animal Services  the only city department with a clickable donation option on its web page.

80% chose Animal Services

At present, all other city departments can only accept donations in person or by mail, the report says.

More than 80 per cent of donors last year chose to send money to Animal Services. The total amount the department raked in was about $220,000.

Overall, 7,100 people voluntarily gave money to various city departments last year, according to the report. The total amount donated was $1.25 million.

The city's Commemorative Tree and Bench Program was the biggest winner, attracting about $308,000 in cash.

The department that donors gave the least amount of money to? Museums and Heritage, at $540.

Almost all donations to the city last year were for less than $100. About half were less than $25.

Two donations were in excess of $100,000, but the city won't say who gave what, citing privacy concerns.