CKLN will move to online broadcasting

CKLN, Toronto's oldest community radio station, is moving from the airwaves to the Internet.

Toronto's oldest community radio station is moving from the airwaves to the Internet.

CKLN, which was located at 88.1 on the FM dial, went off the air in April because the CRTC said the station was not complying with its licence.

CKLN's appeal of the licence revocation order was recently denied by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

That forced the station, which had been broadcasting for almost 30 years from the campus of Ryerson University, to find a new home.

By the end of August, all of the station's staff and programmers will record podcasts out of newly built studios at the Regent Park Focus Youth Media Centre.

Station manager Jacky Tuinstra-Harrison said the fit is a good one.

"They have a social mission which is very similar to ours, which is to have citizens participate in their media," she said. "It’s a wonderful opportunity to expand on our social mission, representing marginalized communities or communities that don’t get to represent themselves a lot in mainstream media."

Instead of an around-the-clock schedule of programs on the radio, the station's shows will be streamed via podcast at

Some students were upset to see CKLN vacate its spot on the FM dial.

University of Toronto journalism professor Jeffry Dvorkin said there will be no shortage of broadcasters with designs on CKLN's former spot on the FM dial.

"There isn't a lot of room on the dial, he said. "So that whenever a space does emerge, it's very highly coveted."