City releases details of 2,300 job cuts

The City of Toronto has released details of where it will cut more than 2,300 jobs next year.

 The city has released a document showing how it intends to eliminate 2,300 jobs in the new year.

The job cuts were announced earlier this week when Mayor Rob Ford released his proposed 2012 operating budget.

Ford's plan to balance the city's budget includes a 2.5 per cent property tax increase and a hike in TTC fares, along with the job cuts.

Under the plan released Wednesday afternoon, the biggest cuts will affect unionized positions.  A total of 666 unionized workers will get notices.  Another 643 vacant positions won't be filled.

Forty-eight non-union employees will be laid-off, while a further 94 vacant non-union positions will be eliminated.

City OperatingUnion6666431309
Agencies, BoardsToronto Public Library (union/non-union)152.5 152.5
 TTC (union/Non-union)324 324
 Toronto Police (union/non-union) 372372
 Others (union/non-union) 3939
Total 1190.511482338.5

A further 887 jobs will be eliminated at agencies, boards and commissions attached to the city, like the Toronto Public Library, the TTC and Toronto Police Services.

According to the city's fact sheet the police will lose 372 civilian and uniform employees, although all of those cuts will come from vacant positions.  The TTC will be reduced by 324 people.  And the library will lose 152 union and non-union positions.

The city points out that 230 of the vacant positions eliminated in the city operating division reflect people who chose to accept a buy-out package earlier this year.

Those same vacant positions also include a decision to defer hiring 68 firefighters and 36 EMS paramedics.