As concern mounts, police search for link between 2 missing men

A dedicated police team is being established to investigate the disappearances of two men in the Church and Wellesley area full time.

Dedicated police team will attend community meeting next week

Andrew Kinsman, left, and Selim Esen, right, have both gone missing in recent months, prompting community concern and the allocation of dedicated police resources. (Toronto Police Service)

As community concern grows for their welfare, Toronto police say they have yet to determine if there is a link between the two recent disappearances of men in the Church and Wellesley area.  

Andrew Kinsman, 49, and Selim Esen, 44, went missing in June and April, respectively.

A group of officers are now being assigned to investigate the disappearances full-time, said Toronto Police Service spokesperson Meaghan Gray. 

"It allows us to bring in other resources as well as put these officers in a position where they can dedicate their efforts," said Gray.  

She said a recent review of evidence by police has yet to turn up any link between Kinsman and Esen, or between these two cases and a series of three other missing persons cases from 2010-2012.

"But," she added, "that can't be ruled out as a possibility as new information comes forward." 

"Out of character" for both men

Kinsman, a Cabbagetown resident with deep roots in Toronto's LGBT community, went missing at the end of June.

At the time, a team composed of police and concerned neighbours underwent a far-ranging search for Kinsman, who is described by friends as responsible and unlikely to go anywhere without alerting others.

Police on bicycles joined in a far-reaching search for Andrew Kinsman in the days after he was last seen at his Cabbagetown home. (CBC)

Police say that it is also out of character for Esen to have gone months without contacting any family or friends.

Esen was last seen in mid-April in the Bloor and Yonge area. Both his and Kinsman's disappearance are considered suspicious.

A police press release also notes that both men were active on social media dating applications.

Police to attend public meeting

Kinsman's disappearance triggered wide-scale concern and the establishment of a community Facebook page to share information.

A public meeting is planned for Tuesday, August 1 at The 519 LGBT community centre to discuss the community's "growing concerns about Toronto's missing 2LGBTQA individuals."

Some or all of the newly-established investigative team assigned to the cases will be there, said Gray. 

"By going to this community meeting, we hope to provide some reassurance to the community about the work that is being done by the officers, they can provide them with an update about what has been done," she said. 

It's also an opportunity for community members to share anything they might know about the disappearances with police.