Chicken adobo a must-have at food-filled family get-togethers

One of reporter Marivel Taruc's favourite dishes is chicken adobo.

Every family has their own recipe and adds their own twist

Chicken adobo is a must-have Filipino dish for reporter Marivel Taruc. (Marivel Taruc/CBC)

CBC Toronto reporters share their favourite Christmas treats in our Holiday Eats series.

The holidays are just another reason for Filipinos to do what they love most — get together and eat! Everyone brings a dish (or four!) to add to the holiday meal. 

One of my favourite dishes is chicken adobo. It's a delicious braised chicken dish, cooked in a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and peppercorns.

From top-left down: pancit (a must-have noodle dish for the holidays), rellenong manok (roast chicken stuffed with meatloaf), fried rice and chicken adobo. From top-right down: lumpia (spring rolls stuffed with ground meat), embutido (ground meat roll) and ginataang baka (stewed coconut beef) (Marivel Taruc/CBC)

Every family has their own recipe and adds their own twist. I love adding chicken liver and bay leaves — so savoury with a hint of sour and the liver adds a creaminess to each bite. 

Best of all, it reminds me of the wonderful family get-togethers I've been blessed with every holiday season. 


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