These cherry blossom photos will have you swooning for spring in Toronto

Spring is in full bloom in Toronto this weekend with the pink and white of cherry blossoms decorating the city in all their glory.

Missed the blossoms last year? This is your weekend to get out and see them in all their glory

Two women take photos of cherry blossoms at Toronto's High Park Sunday, May 5, 2013. The park was filled with sight-seers as the area experienced warm temperatures. (Graeme Roy/Canadian Press)

Spring is in full bloom with the pink and white of cherry blossoms making for some swoon-worthy sights in Toronto this weekend.

For many, this year is a special treat after last year's cold spring and late frost not only delayed the blossoms' peak but killed off many of their buds, making viewing season unusually short.

But with warm weather on the way, the blooms are expected be spectacular not just this weekend but throughout the week, says Diana Teal, the executive director of the High Park Nature Centre.

And Torontonians couldn't get enough of them this weekend.

Teal says she's seen bigger and bigger crowds out to see the blooms since around 2007.

"I think the cherry blossoms really took off as soon as social media came into play and it was possible to shout the word out to the greater community," she says.

That certainly seemed to ring true this year, with many Torontonians sharing their photos blooms in all their glory. 

"The cherry blossoms just last for such a short period of time. We never know what time they're actually going to come in the spring… Not knowing when they're actually going to come, the anticipation really builds up," says Teal.

"And the fact that they only last for a couple of days, just makes them really really special. They're very ephemeral."