'Don't drive past the danger sign,' TTC warns as another vehicle stuck in streetcar tunnel delays riders

A vehicle stuck in the Queens Quay streetcar tunnel delayed transit riders for an hour Wednesday, despite efforts by the TTC to ramp up warnings and barriers.

'You could end up running headlong into a moving a streetcar,' TTC warns

Vehicle stuck in the Queen's Quay streetcar tunnel delayed transit riders for about an hour Wednesday morning. (@kschischang/Twitter)

A vehicle stuck in the Queens Quay streetcar tunnel delayed transit riders for an hour Wednesday morning.

Toronto police ordered a tow truck extraction after the vehicle got stuck on the rails at around 10:30 am. 

This comes after the TTC ramped up warning measures to stop motorists from accidentally driving into the tunnel. 

"We've relocated flashing lights and signage lower and closer to eye level for motorists, added rumble strips and barricades," said TTC spokesperson Stuart Green. 

There have been 23 incidents of motorists driving into and being stuck in streetcar tunnels since 2014, with two of those occurring this year, he said.

"It's a bit frustrating to us because it affects our service," Green said, adding that it can take anywhere from half an hour to five hours to clear a vehicle from the tracks. 

One driver was fined $425 last year after his vehicle delayed streetcar traffic for hours. 

This is the first incident since May. 

"We know there are a number of factors at play when people end up in the tunnel; impaired driving is sometimes a factor, more and more say they're following their GPS...we also do see a large number of visitors to Toronto who may not be aware how to drive in mixed traffic," Green explained in an interview.

There are "Do Not Enter" and "Danger" signs at the entrance of the tunnel and Green adds that it is generally a good idea to never drive past a danger sign. 

"Be mindful of the signage and be alert," he warned. 

"You could end up running headlong into a moving a streetcar."