Canadian soldier reunites with family just in time for holidays at Toronto's Pearson airport

Some 127,000 people will pass through Pearson today, but this arrival was a very special one.

Damon Perrault had been serving in Qatar for 6 months before holiday return

Canadian Forces officer is welcomed by his family after arriving at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. 0:32

Canadian Forces officer Damon Perrault was reunited with his family after serving six months overseas on Friday, delighting his wife and young children.

"Dada!" one of his daughters shouted as she hugged him.

"I missed you guys," Perrault said, after kissing each of them. "Feels like forever."

Perrault, an air combat systems officer, was one of some 127,000 people who passed through Pearson on Friday, one of the busiest travel days of the entire year. His family didn't mind braving the crowds to come and greet him.

"It was kind of like waiting for Santa when we went to bed last night," Christine Perrault, Damon's wife, told CBC News.

His kids, Cara, Evan and Holly, were overjoyed.

"What's it like to have dad back?" The CBC's Linda Ward asked his youngest daughter, Cara.

"Good," replied Cara.

"How does it make you feel?"


His son Evan, meanwhile, said he was excited to watch movies and wrestle with his dad.

What were Damon Perrault's plans after six months away from home? "Staying home," he said, noting he'll have to go back to Qatar in two weeks. How will he spend his time at home?

"I do whatever my wife asks me to do," he said with a smile.

"It's a good time of year to be back, for sure."


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